Wednesday, April 3, 2013

mayb e something new

No problem with all you guys. It's just..there are hardly any visits to gain outside the inner connections and there is risk in a lot of cumulative information. I couldn't figure out how this model was going to help, net. You all are bold to keep blogging. I support that, especially for the community organizer in a city or a poetry diary. A lot of the community left into Facebook but that's not public really. The are they gotten? Not sure, but I'm thinking format and showcasing might help. I'm pondering a parallel format with a lot of poets, one or two of their best pieces with some shot at the public..something like that. Not too slick, focus on the words. Anyway, seems like time to try to be a change.


Pearl said...

do you have stats to show? or are you judging traffic by comments? (0.1% or less comment.)

there are all sorts of games to meet and greet other bloggers. memes of the day for every day of the week.

any has a certain percentage of people who are there not to relate or meet but gain comments. it is kind of gaming the system. but the chance is that like-minds intersect.

making information about yourself is a vulnerability but less so than isolation. fear is a greater vulnerability. I have had real life stalkers and I refuse to hide.

you don't tend to put personal stuff on your blog. I leave stuff up. before computers became able to parse huge amounts of data, I thought I'd swamp the system with a haystack of info.

it creates false-knowing since people assume if it's read online today, it occurred today thus read things from previous city, career and pets and cyber research and think they know me to meet face-to-face. I was introduced on a panel like that by someone who said she had my bio and didn't need my help.

whatever I drop onto the net has done its value for me and if left for whatever value it may get for someone else's path.

good to see you aren't quitting.

Jim K. said...

The counters are very low,
and I'm not doing an intensive
statistical study.

I believe most visits are churn
for individuals. I don't want to
add churn, per se.

In your case,
you have a considerable amount
of real-world anchoring with all
the activities you coordinate,
so a blog has good reason to be
visited. You're involved in
wider way. There are personal
reasons for people to check in,
and group reasons.

I'm pondering ways to actually
draw relative outsiders in,
promote things. Your activities
suggest a way, though I have a hard
time throwing a lot in with local
events. I do a lot of support,
though. Local bulletin board is
an idea...give people reason to
check in.

I'm pondering ways to actually draw
a public. My experience at the
antique store might provide
insight on dealing with the poetry
plethora thing and the
missing public thing...still head
scratching. Maybe a blog-of-blogs,
many editors maintaining very
disparate style places, preventing
exclusions but also forcing people
to give their best-foot-forward
to the public. Emporium/Showcase.
Know walls down but don't turn into
a gigantic dumping ground.

Pearl said...

the people who follow me online aren't the same people I see face-to-face.

Few people in general seem to use computers unless they have to and those who do don't seem to have the same use for face-to-face. To overgeneralize.

There's very little overlap among my attended events and what I put online. The online goes to worldwide. People may google for information locally but I don't have indication that it's sticky.

Even people who follow on say, Flickr, don't transfer to blogs. Those on blogs don't overlap with Facebook. Twitter only has a handful of people who also read the blog.

Getting outsiders are hard. Everything spreads by circles in contacts. Random is less reliable.

People may resonate with what they come across by chance but habits are where people return. Some consider online "unreal" still and drop long term relationships of text as insubstantial. Flesh trumps. A few will latch on and stay.

A store front where info can disseminate is another means of broadcast your aesthetics and truths of what you think is salient to notice.

There are a lot of competing curators. It all counts.

Jim K. said...

Aha...insubstantial seems to be born out often. I am building up the real-world presence. I need to keep pitching with submissions and such. Some public service announcements online might not hurt, though. Maybe broader topics and events.

Now back to pondering what to put up. Maybe just what's generally 'interesting'. Some commentary. I should reinstate the music I found. Not fair to them I whipped out the eraser.