Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Install blues

install blues

press a bumper sticker on the sky
twenty miles long describing all
the upgrades, downloads, 
fixes, service packages,
spurious offers
and disingenuous warnings,
pop-ups, toolbars, scripts, tutorial clips, 
patches, batches,
toggles, dongles,
ISOs you may have RAR'd,
existential moments like
mantras you speak to the hourglass,
refactorings, that bug-out rap,
printing notes before you close all apps,
fuser burnings, paper jams, 
phonetics for top lid slam,
the sound of that worm screw on paper tray 2,
whether your system "has" V2002.05.X slash 4
for some unspecified thing you restored,
whether you have had contact with 
unsafe cluster groups or stale Java beans recently,
why the system cannot find "path specified" decently
but will not tell me what it is,
why Simon and Garfunkel are top score
in the helpline hits, the call to prayer
on hold for Bob in Bangalore.

Or does the above make the reasons clear?
      "Hello darkness, my old friend..."
..come on in,
 there's plenty of us here.


Chef E said...

Nice Jim. You have always had a way with words...

Jim K. said...

ah, the times