Tuesday, July 16, 2013

to the wondering

i have to say 
from abandoned sac base to sock drawer
from pallets to paladins
from tears to that last lost touch
goodnight now
goodnight to all the nows
that drove off down the interstate
now is for the living 
but a wake for the waking
the future a harbor for ghosts
history a pastiche 
of tainted trivia in vinyl suits
or mold and cracking leather
a breaking wave fingers reaching
from silent hopes curling drying
imagined posterity or grace
or just a dry cool green moment

lately i hear waves break 
on some tomorrow
do i dare
too late i can''t be stopped
something drifting closer
the earshot before the eyeshot
because the fog
something coming
something coming
say the waves
or the mirage

may there be 
punctuation without puncture
texture without rash

in my falling
may i catch a hand
upon a toughened root
be stopped in a level place
find some perch
where views hold still
enough to open
all around me
because i can do
almost anything

may i breath easy
may we start
wondering again


Pearl said...

nod, nod. nice sound plays thru.

Jim K. said...

hard work working the middle ground

various experiments splicing
semi-sense in to narrative to
fascinate the sensicals....

taking an anti-sense rant like
this and splicing in shadows of
a narrative,

using sounding to make
involuntary synchronicity

between order and chaos there is
this place in nature where whorls
form .. volcanoes, tornados,
gyres that make magnetic poles..

so...inside people, those moments
where you think you saw something
and it disappeared, and you make
glue to make it whole: this is
where the reader makes the story
and thinks i did ... the engine of
thought is in them, i prime it

in the gulf between sense and
anti-sense there might be place
where the public...the real public
can be evoked..

so...i still tinker

a bit more sense than this is
interesting the folks at grey court
..those little breaks make them
think suddenly and far..
all these different interpretations

it is an impossible hobby to
put down, eh?

Pearl said...

yes, experiment and sensical spliced is the tack I'm playing at now too.

Jim K. said...

discovery lies along the borders
you're amazingly persistent, pearl
recent posts looking a bit
like early ones, discovering things..

here's to exploring!