Friday, September 6, 2013

Grey Beret is Published

I got Grey Beret published at blurb: CLICK_THIS_FOR_GREY_BERET_CATALOG_PAGE
I can't get the preview very large. 
          Clicking the 'full page' button 
           at lower right helps some.

Why just self?
No pressure to sell nnn copies 
    to friends, family, etc...
For the most part I'll just print a bunch 
  at a time and sell some at local events.
  This worked well before.

I'm not worrying about moving 5 or 20 or 100 or 
   even 300 copies(hah).
It's great to do the art now
 and package it up, and it might be great later 
    to point to this and "Tahki" and "Nighthawks", 
      my other Blurb titles.

There are a few oldies that fit 
the Existential mold loosely, 
 but most poems are new.
Not sure about the next theme or style.
Something a bit more detached at moments, 
 I hope,
but an explorer never knows for sure.

This theme really needed to be collected and put out.

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