Sunday, October 13, 2013

Milk Weed

leaves quit,drop

seeds will fly 
five to five hundred feet
to meet the monarchs 
now asleep 3000 miles away
to meet them with new pods

we drive past
as if this 
were ordinary


Pearl said...

the most extraordinary things are ordinary and the most banal are trumpeted as stellar.

funny brains.

Jim K. said...

Almost makes me a Deist-Taoist.

I saw a 'surveillance nexus'
a momma coyote made once on the
woods. Chewed limbs to make 5
sight-lines from where she sat,
to a rabbit ledge, deer swamp,
development, two trails. I have
the feeling that scheme was not
typical but individual.
Amazing. 20 yrs ago everyone said
animals don't use tools. Then they
said, ok, make tools, but then
crows and chimps belied them.
OK, teach about tools...oops.

Think I'll make the
line-breaks less self-indulgent